Every year Jeremie and I sit down and write up a plan of action. A to-do list for the year. Putting our goals down on paper is supposed to keep us motivated to keep on keeping on. This past year so many of the to-do items started off with “Fix….” or “Repair….” It seems repairing things to keep this place running is a full time job. I suppose it’s inevitable, what with 5 times the normal population, using and abusing things 😉 But in this first week of the new year, we actually got one of our items checked off our to-do list (albeit from last year, ha!).IMG_1859 Jeremie designed and Tommy built an automatic waterer for the rabbits. Jeremie will have to do a post with all the specifics. But I know that this project involved a stock tank heater, a toilet valve, pvc and a recycled (upcycled?) cooler. The water is continuously flowing through the pipe, so there is no danger of it freezing. Each cage has a metal nipple for the rabbits to drink out of. During “not freezing temps” we will be able to hook a hose up to the cooler so it will be automatically refilled. For now we simply refill the cooler. But that supply of water lasts quite a long time. Tommy also had to build a wooden shelf to hold the cooler of water. That thing gets pretty heavy when it’s full. Sure beats bringing in the old rabbit water bottles that used to hang on their cages and defrosting them in the sink and hauling them back out, only to find them frozen again a couple hours later. It’s so handy having an engineer/handy man for a husband and a handyman/engineer for a son!  IMG_1858

2015 goals

So I went to a poultry seminar and the one presenter had a stat that said people who write down their goals are better off.

So Molly and I wrote down our goals. We put some of my goals on the calendar to accomplish in Feb. I was working on things a week ahead of when I was supposed to. Then we got snow and rain which made it impossible to do the work on those goals because they were all outside things. So now it is March and I am a month behind.

My pasture was supposed to get seeded but there were inches of snow. Now the snow is finally gone and the almanac says I am in the barren days. So now I have to wait another week. Hopefully some of the seed will eventually get in the ground and actually grow.

When things sit

they develop all sorts of problems.

I tested the spark on the tractor with Benjamin’s help. It was non-existant. I went to Kough Equipment and bought all the stuff to rebuild the distributor. Put it all on with Tommy’s help. Still no spark. I should have bought a new coil while I was there.

When I parked the tractor, there was nothing wrong with the spark. Sitting out in the elements for a year without being run is not good for mechanical things. So now I get to fix the spark so that I can try and get anything else fixed that may be wrong.

I went back to Kough and bought the coil today. Hopefully tomorrow I will get it installed.


Barn Painted

one less thing on the todo list

The kids helped me paint the long side a couple weeks ago.

I woke up early on Memorial day and decided to finish painting it.

The long side took 5 gallons, which is why I did not finish the front right away. I had to go to the store and buy 5 more gallons. The front took about 2.5 gallons. Old weathered wood really sucks up the paint.

I think it looks great.

My ToDo list

Right now this list is in no particular order. I will add them as I think of them, or as new ones pop up.

  1. Be a godly man.(will be on the list forever)
  2. Be a good husband. (will be on the list forever)
  3. Be a good father (will be on the list forever)
  4. Be a good neighbor (will be on the list forever)
  5. Finish my engineering projects on time. (on going)
  6. Garden Mulch. – Just about done. 2014-05-28 (will need a topping each year, but the bulk is done)
  7. Orchard Mulch
  8. Garden Extension Mulch
  9. Change Coolant in Tractor
  10. Change Oil in Tractor
  11. Change Transmission fluid in Tractor
  12. Bush hog fields.
  13. Get air filter for white Yamaha ATV YMF80
  14. Fix rear brakes on white Yamaha ATV YMF80
  15. Get air filter for blue Yamaha ATV YMF80
  16. Fix front brakes on blue Yamaha ATV YMF80
  17. Fix front brakes on Honda TRX200D
  18. Fix rear brakes on Honda TRX200D
  19. Fix Right Front Caliper on White Ford Van
  20. Replace rear brake pads on White Ford Van
  21. Replace spark plugs and wires on White Ford Van.
  22. Seal Greenhouse.
  23. Get architecture for new house squared away.
  24. Get Straw for winter bedding
  25. Fix PB equipment
  26. Fix rear hand brake on Honda ATV TRX350D
  27. Fix front brakes on Honda ATV TRX350D
  28. Fix ignition coil on Honda ATV
  29. Fix brake switch on Kids ATV
  30. Fix carbs on kids atv’s
  31. Sight in rifles for deer hunting
  32. Get dent out of mower deck.
  33. Fix Red Van and Sell
  34. Fix electric fence to keep hogs in
  35. Move bathrm cabinet for more storage space
  36. Remove Head from Tractor
  37. Get Parts for Tractor
  38. Get tractor engine head ground smooth
  39. Paint Tractor Engine Head
  40. Put Tractor Engine back together
  41. Purchase and Install Golf Cart Batteries
  42. Fix white van brakes
  43. Fix white van ball joints
  44. Get white van wheel alignment
  45. Get white van transmission filter changed and fluid
  46. White van oil change 05-06-2014 92000 miles
  47. Fix flatbed trailer axle
  48. Put on New front Gate – Sanded and Painted 05-28-2014
  49. Put on front gate elec opener
  50. Register South Polls
  51. Cabinets in eating area
  52. Bush hog @ Charle’s
  53. Fix Green House Windown
  54. Green house east wall – make glass
  55. Green house tables
  56. Aquaponics
  57. winterize waterers
  58. Swingset ladder
  59. Cut up downed trees
  60. Fix perimeter fence where trees wrecked it.
  61. Chicken coop light on timer
  62. Assemble Tack Shed Kit
  63. Tack Shed Caulk
  64. Tack Shed Paint
  65. Tack Shed Shingle
  66. Pig Shelter for winter
  67. front swing
  68. pulleys for zipline
  69. organize workshop
  70. build front wall of workshop – Started 2014-07
  71. Clean out barn
  72. Computer for friends
  73. Cement board on horse shelter
  74. Back fill against horse shelter
  75. Fence to horse shelter
  76. Roof on horse shelter
  77. siding on horse shelter
  78. Make pond in east paddock
  79. propane cooker hookup
  80. Food storage solution
  81. horse trailer straighten
  82. horse trailer paint
  83. horse trailer lights
  84. Fix large riding mower
  85. fix Kubota riding mower
  86. Fix 1949 Dodge Truck
  87. Fix all the stuff that is broken or breaks.
  88. Fix apple cider press
  89. water trench to orchard
  90. fix chicken coop door
  91. trench electric to pond
  92. trench electric to horse shelter
  93. Castrate Piglets
  94. Band Joseph
  95. Rabbit Waterers
  96. Solar System
  97. Get Anniversary Edition version of Axis and Allies
  98. Read rules for AE A&A
  99. Find some friends to play A&A
  100. Plant blueberries and grape
  101. Acquire Jersey bull calf
  102. Get bessy to take jersey bull calf
  103. Take first Guinea Hog to slaughter
  104. Put up deer stand