More stitching

When my girls were younger I liked to always have them working on some sort of handicraft. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, or something silimar. Now they are all accomplished seamstresses, knitters and more. Ruthie has always watched them work and is now getting big enough for her own projects. She stitched this heart all by herself. Saying “up” and “down” to herself. I would often have to use my finger to guide her needle, but she’ll be churning out hand stitched items by herself in no time! And she’s so proud of herself!IMG_7232

ICHE 2017

IMG_20170531_123602528_HDRWhat a refreshing time! I took the older girls up to the homeschool convention in Naperville, Il. Last year, Jeremie took them and I stayed home with the little ones. Gloria was at a bad age to travel last year. She still needed to nurse, but she was old enough to be wiggly and loud during the speaking sessions. This year, she is 18 months, so I thought she was old enough to leave for a couple days. Jeremie was so kind as to wean her in my absence. Even though he knew I would continue nursing when I returned home if Gloria desired to. I had missed being at convention more than I realized! To have your vision renewed and affirmed is huge, when you and your family are walking a different path than mainstream America. And it was so good to re-connect with long distance friends. There were not enough lunch hours to visit with everyone! But I spent the weekend soaking up wisdom, advice and encouragement from some of the best speakers in the country. And I spent a lot of time connecting with my big girls. The ones who carry a lot of responsibility in the house. The ones who maybe sometimes get crowded out by the persistent needs of the little ones. I’m so thankful we can enjoy a “girls weekend” full of chatting, laughter, jokes and food. They still delight to hear my thoughts, which is something I treasure. And I had time to really listen and focus on their thoughts about life. I missed the kids back home terribly, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to escape for a time of refreshment with the Lord and His word!

IMG_4702The Funny Farm has a new critter! Called a Hercules beetle/ rhino beetle, it is quite rare to our area. Right now it is scratching at the cage Benjamin has put him in. I hope he doesn’t escape. He is being kept in the room right off my bedroom. I don’t want any surprises under my sheets! IMG_4708

I’m back!

Y’all, I’ve missed being here. My time on the computer has been taken up by scouring Pinterest every. single. night.  House plans. Kitchen plans. Open floor plans. Large family living. Fireplaces. Viking ranges. Aga stoves. Back staircases. Sewing rooms. I cannot express enough how excited I am to finally be seriously thinking about these things. But thinking about these things…whew! Makes my head spin. I’ve determined to re-claim my space over here.  So look forward to cute kids pictures, scary bug pictures, farm news, and stories of our life. Thanks for stopping by our blog-home!IMG_4693

He’s listening

We’ve had some big prayers answered around here lately. How assuring to know that there’s no need to worry, no need to fret. We do need to plan. We need to be faithful. But, ultimately, our days are in His hands. I don’t know about you. But that makes me sleep soundly at night. Well, at least for an hour at a time between nursing sessions. But that’s another post for another day. img_9650And no, wood chips are not the only thing I pray about!

Ruth Ann

img_3606She is such a delight! She makes us all laugh with her personality. She is very responsible already. She likes to make sure things get done right and is very adamant that her brothers do what they should. She loves to sing to herself…very loudly. img_3575She loves Barbies, babies, coloring and Sofia the first. She is mostly potty trained. Her favorite color is PURPLE!!! She has a good bippie and a bad bippie, and much prefers to sleep with her good bippie. A stern word or look from momma brings on great crocodile tears. img_3583She is so good to her little sister, even sharing her good bippie. She loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches and DESSERT!!! She insists the couch is her bed and sleeps there every night. She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses. She loves to wash the table, sweep the floor and vacuum. Her favorite song is “How Can it Be”. IMG_5479


It’s been really quiet around here on the blog lately. I’ve just been feeling like there is nothing new to say. My life is like a merry-go-round. If you page through the archives as I did the other night, “July” has looked the same for the last couple of years. It can be summed up in a couple words. Canning. Tomatoes. Making Jam. I find comfort in the mundane repetitiveness of my life, don’t you?IMG_3218