IMG_1770Gloria Jean was born ten days late. She surprised us all by arriving at 10:34 on Christmas morning! What a special present! She had such a peaceful birth. Really amazing. She is the first of my babies to be so overdone in the oven. She started sucking her thumb minutes after being born. But then promptly forgot where she placed it. Not to be consoled with a pacifier, she finally found her thumb again a few months later. She loves to be held and can most often be found crying when she is not. IMG_2161She hated the car for the first 5 months of her life. Charlotte would sing “My Old Kentucky Home” to her in a deep, droning voice to quiet her down. Or Jeremie would sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. It had to be one of those two songs to soothe her. But nowadays, she is happy and cheerful, mostly. She still prefers to be held. But can happily scoot around on the floor or in her walker for a little bit at a time. She seems to really like Benjamin and he is a great big brother. He hates to hear her cry, so will willing hold her for ages singing and bouncing her.IMG_2486 We are so blessed to have this little angel in our family!IMG_2911