Our Journey

As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a hairstylist and live an exciting life in the big city. Well, God had other things in store for me. I married Jeremie is 1997 and we welcomed our first child a year later. And then another 1 1/2 years later and then another 1 1/2 years later. I still did hairstyling part time, but found it increasingly hard to balance that life with that of a busy mother. Then in 2001 God convicted Jeremie that He wanted us to homeschool our children. As a formerly homeschooled student this was not new territory for me and I was excited to start this phase of parenthood. God also whispered in Jeremie’s heart that children are indeed a gift from the Lord and that we should be willing to welcome any and all little blessings that He wanted to send our way. Being convicted in the area of letting God plan our family size doesn’t mean that we are trying to have as many children as we can. Conversely, it means that we are content with whatever number he may send us, be it one or many more. But as a young mother with 3 children 3 and under, it was a daunting thought. I had a lot of childrearing days ahead of me. Could I do it? Not in my own strength, I quickly learned. Every day, the Lord guides me and directs me and disciplines me and teaches me a little more about His ways which are so much better than MY ways. God also laid it on Jeremie’s heart that to have the vibrant family life we so desired he needed to spend more time at home. So in 2006 Jeremie quit his job and started his own engineering firm out of the house. It is a walk of faith. But the Lord is gracious and we have never gone hungry and more often than not, He has sent an abundance of work and provisions our way. So now we have what some may consider a large family, others not so much, with an actively involved Dad, and we praise the Lord everyday for the vision He has given us to raise up our children for His glory. As a family we have had to say no to many things. Things that the world embraces, but that would not further our goal of a tight-knit family working together to further His kingdom. That has meant hard choices a lot of the time, but we try to replace all of our “no’s” with big positive yes’s. Yes to long family bike rides! Yes to well behaved children accompanying us on all our outings. Yes to socializing as families with other like minded families even though it might be more convenient to “drop them off for a playday”. Yes to day long trail rides while farm chores wait. Yes to a messy house filled with kids cooking in the kitchen and crafting at the table. Yes to time spent together instead of off doing our own thing. Yes to chatter and conversations about everything under the sun. Lest you think I am boasting, everyday is a struggle and everyday I fail. But everyday the Lord picks me up and puts me back together again, takes my hand and leads me beside quiet waters.IMG_5869

5 thoughts on “Our Journey

  1. Molly and Jeremy, I appreciate the lifestyle you have chosen for your Family. I love every thing about it, especially ALL the Beautiful faces you are raising. The Path you have taken takes a very, Very Special Couple, and I thank God for folks like you, it gives me a ray of hope in the future for Society, where God and Common Sense Prevail. Whenever U come back to Antioch our Home is Open to you and Family, we have only one Xtra bedroom but lots of sleeping bags. My Prayers and Good Wishes will be with You daily.
    Minuteman – Paz

  2. Hi Molly,
    It is so nice 🙂 to find you here on the web. Since I am no longer on FB I am glad to be able to keep in touch here. If you remember, we met out at the Smith’s in Jan. Jeremy and Don had lots of talks. I left my blog addy above but when you go to there it will link you to my married daughter’s and my oldest daughter at home. She is the one that is most active on her blog and in fact she has several. Hope we can run into each other again soon. ~Blessings ♥♥♥

  3. Oh my goodness Molly, your family is so beautiful. I was a nosey Nelly and checked out your blog for a few minutes…loved the glimpse into your lives!

    I think of you often. My mom loves when I have a tid bit to share, she’ll love the pictures of your kiddos.


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