Puddle jumping! What fun! And, yes, we did come home and wash off all the toxicity right away 🙂 I kept thinking about all the pesticides and herbicides that have been sprayed on that field. So we washed as soon as the fun was over! IMG_20171101_163140728


IMG_20171028_121602757Sweet Jordan’s!!! We have this lovely little spot in Paris, Tn that is run by a special family. Jordan is a special needs young man who provides his lucky patrons with delicious treats, coffee, sandwiches, soups and more. It offers cozy places to sit and visit, a fabulous play area for children and homemade ice cream as well! We love to support this family business and I hope they are around for a long time! IMG_20171028_121617875


IMG_20171031_130206310_HDRWhoops! Late again! But let’s talk gardening, shall we?! Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year. It has nothing to do with the Reformation, although that is pretty awesome. It has nothing to do with candy, although that is fun. It has everything to do with this savory, spicy herb that I plant each year on the last day of October! IMG_20171031_135557200Garlic!!! It always seems to be a beautiful day when I’m planting garlic and this year, it has drizzled off and on for the next couple of days as well. Perfect! I had some helpers again this year. And I must say that even Ruthie was more of a help than the four legged creature that kept walking in my trench, right where I was trying to work. Argh! But a wonderfully, fun day outside, nonetheless!  IMG_20171031_133925280

Briar Creek McCoy Farms Fall Horse Show 2017

It was a fantastic day out at the farm! Chilly, but sunny! Charlotte did a fabulous job and was thrilled to jump a “jumper” course for the first time. Last show she jumped on a couple”hunter” courses. But this time, with Wishbone, she jumped a higher, more aggressive course. It tested her skills, and pushed Wishbone’s endurance and was amazing to watch.She has been so diligent to practice every day, which requires much work, is faithful to treat the youngers to rides in the yard and watches the horses carefully for signs of disease and hoof rot. We are proud of the discipline and work ethic she is cultivating in her life! IMG_20171029_155331112_HDR


IMG_20170925_095254010Two for one! I found this 3X skirt at Goodwill and immediately thought, let’s make two! Good thing the girls are so tiny! Turned out pretty cute and it took all of 5 minutes. These two are rough on clothes and most of their skirts have rips and holes. Fun times to play rough on the farm!IMG_20170926_164551352_TOP


IMG_20171007_073044244We travelled to Harrisburg, Pa for a national Livestock Judging competition! We drove through 5 states to get there. It was a short and sweet trip. Tiring, but a beautiful drive through mountains dressed in their fall finery! Maryland was my favorite state…gorgeous! IMG_20171008_150553We got there late Friday night, the kids competed on Saturday and we drove home Sunday morning. They did really well, learned a lot and were inspired to keep learning! IT was Mia’s last competition as a 4h-er so she especially enjoyed this last hurrah! There was a fancy breakfast and awards ceremony honoring all the kids and their hard work. We so appreciate all the extra time and effort their coaches have poured into them, teaching, fundraising, driving, mentoring and just being leaders in the Ag world.  IMG_20171008_092506466


IMG_20171016_132659Fun at a fall festival! We had a great time at Laura and Larry Trammel’s house this past week. Fires, smores, frisbee, fellowship, talent show, hay rides, hot dogs and more. Fall is a great time to have an outdoor party. IMG_20171015_154207487Cool, but toasty by the fire. The kids kept busy enough they didn’t feel the chill at all. There were some wonderful family’s there and I always enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. Laure and Larry were amazing hosts and we are thankful for the time we spent together! IMG_20171015_174548