Our Christmas celebration

IMG_1830We had already received the best gift. But there were still presents under the tree. And the children were so patient to wait for mama to have a little nap after the birth. So our present opening didn’t happen at the crack of dawn, but late in the afternoon.IMG_1827 And then some more the next day. And the next day. My parents and sister came the day after Christmas to meet Gloria and to celebrate Christ’s birth with us. So the weekend was filled with baby kisses and holiday fun.IMG_1786 I’m sure dishes and laundry were done as well, although this blessed mama had no part of that. I’ve been thoroughly pampered and not allowed to lift a finger in the kitchen or laundry room.IMG_1835 My parents brought gifts for everyone and some favorites were an rc helicopter, a baby doll, a watch and nerf guns. We  Some of us missed being back up north this year, so it was great to have family come down by us. IMG_1652We had the traditional Christmas eve feast of favorite appetizers and treats with Jeremie’s parent’s as well. Maybe it was the rousing game of “lottery” that brought on labor?! I think my kids broke the couch jumping on it in their excitement over stealing gifts. Or they bounced so high, they went through the ceiling. What a memorable Christmas.IMG_1811

Good things come to those who wait

And wait….And wait…We have waited for what seems like forever to welcome this new little one into our family! IMG_1668I was due with baby number 10 on December 16, but little Gloria decided to wait until Christmas morning to make an appearance! What a blessed gift she is!! Labor started at 4 in the morning and by the time Jeremie woke up around 8 or so, it was time to call the midwife. She made it here just about 10 minutes before the baby was born. Gloria was born at 10:30 am.  IMG_1719Perfect timing in my opinion. Labor was so manageable with the birth ball, hot water and Jeremie. And look at all the hair Gloria was born with! She is so aware, and has already smiled at her daddy. IMG_1700The kids are all thrilled with her, of course. It was hard for them to wait for her to be born. They knew I was in labor and for them, the hours before she was actually born were interminable. They felt it was taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. IMG_1740But imagine their excitement to meet their new sister minutes after she entered the world. Gloria was a small baby, for me. She weighed 8#5oz. and was 20 inches long. And keeping in mind that she was over a week overdue and I’ve had a 10 pound baby before, I was pretty amazed at her size.IMG_1766 Praising the Lord for His goodness in sending new life to our home, and on such a special day, and with no complications, sweet babe. IMG_1770

A Merry Melody

Not all the students are Asian, lol!

Not all the students are Asian, lol!

The older girls enjoyed their recent Christmas violin recital! Lots of fun music, played in a group. There was not a lot of nerves shaking because there were no solos this year. It is a joy for them to raise their instruments to bless others and a joy for us to hear the Christmas tunes! And it’s always fun to play duets and quartets!

A little love pays off

IMG_1580During the summer I have been romancing the men at the highway dept of Murray. Gifts of brownies, cinnamon rolls etc! All in the hopes of a few loads of wood chips for the garden or leaf mulch for the chicken coop and garden. They know me by name there, and they know how far out of town I live. So it is rare that they are able to come all the way out to Henry Co. But this week, they called and told me there was a lull in their work and to get ready for some leaves!! It was so wet when they came we just had them dump the load by the driveway, rather than risk them getting stuck and frustrated and never coming again. And with Jeremie’s tractor back in business, we thought the chore of moving them would be easy. Well, they are so compacted and tightly compressed, it is hard to get a load into the front end loader. IMG_1608Jeremie and Tommy worked all day to transport one large pile to the garden area. The kids and I have moved a lot by wheelbarrow to the coop area. The tractor bucket doesn’t fit in there anyway. You can be sure the kids are on their best behavior lately because they know I’m just waiting for a little naughtiness to reward with moving extra mulch loads 😉 The tractor made huge ruts in the garden and while that stinks, I am happy that the soil is so loose and friable. It has been in the 60s here and it feels like gardening season is right around the corner. In a few weeks seeds will need to be started in the greenhouse to get a good start on the spring veggies. Despite the setback of pigs in the garden this fall, my hands are itching to get planting. I may or may not recant my rash statement of “never gardening again”. IMG_1614

She is a workhorse

IMG_1155She loves to clean. She loves to pick up. She loves to “wash” the floor. And most recently she loves to move leaf mulch in “her” wheelbarrow.

Pretty heavy, huh?!

Pretty heavy, huh?!

She sees everyone else working and wants to participate! Sometimes she trips and gets frustrated at obstacles in her way. Most often she races to get a new load to the coop. Dumping is the most fun, don’t you think? IMG_1203She is learning the lesson that work done together with a good attitude isn’t work at all, it’s play!IMG_1150 Charlotte is so patient to load her up, once again. And walk slowly to keep pace with Roo’s little legs. What a precious sight!IMG_1158

Let’s go fly a kite

IMG_1488The weather this December has been unbelievable. While we will miss having a white Christmas, it has been so fun to hang Christmas lights in t-shirts and flip-flops. IMG_1490To fly kites and play barefoot in the middle of December. To drive with the windows down and feel a warm breeze while looking at Christmas lights. IMG_1483Today the kids were outside enjoying the breezy day with homemade kites and parachutes.IMG_1491 It was fun to see the different designs the kids and daddy came up with using tissue paper, string, ribbons, glue and tape.IMG_1495 Some flew better than others. But they all caught some major air at some point. IMG_1506

Sweet Repeat

IMG_0622Sparc Robotics has done it again!!!! They have qualified for the State competition in Lego Robotics. The local competition was held this weekend and Tommy’s team won first in robot design and first in the robot challenge competition against 15 other local teams. IMG_0616Tommy was a rookie on this team and he learned a lot from his other teammates and his coaches, Jeremie and Stephanie! They will compete in Northern Ky in February. This was such a fun event, highly energized, very well organized, and such a positive experience for all the kids. IMG_1480The competition encompassed so much more than simply programming and legos. Team building, Environmental responsibility, problem solving, creativity. There were judging categories for all these skills. IMG_1455The theme this year for the competition was recycling. The kids on the team were invited back up to the college to learn more about their specific recycling project from a professor who is actually implementing it. Their project was to turn a waste product, plastic, into something useful, diesel fuel. That is an exciting opportunity! IMG_1471