Room for improvement

cabinet 004In the corner of my kitchen I have boxes and boxes stacked full of jars. Full jars and empty jars. And buckets and egg cartons and more jars. It was time for them to find a home, but an empty space in my house is not to be found for love or money. So we decided to purchase the first, of what will be many more, cabinet for the eating side of the kitchen. Our other cabinets are ugly, so why recreate ugly? We decided to stain them black. cabinet 003And look! The tall vita-mix fits under the counter.cabinet 006 Bonus! I can fit 54 + jars in the top cabinet and I don’t know how many in the bottom. What an improvement.cabinet 007 While we were at the store I also decided to paint the bathrooms. painting 001After I trimmed, the girls pretty much did the rest. The new grey is calm and cool and will make me love to clean the bathrooms. Right. painting 003

Farm Fun!!

fall on the farm 019Not on our farm, but on the Pullen Farm at Murray State University. What a beautiful day it was to enjoy time with friends and learning about farming. There was a fantastic workshop about antique farm tools, inflatable horse races, a corn maze, beekeeping station, cow milking, an animal encounter.fall on the farm 004 It was geared mostly for younger kids, but all my kids had fun! Even doing things that are considered “chores” around here, like milking the cow! The corn pit was a big hit. All that gmo goodness to swim around in! Even though we live on a farm of sorts, this was a fun day with friends. fall on the farm 007

Fall on the Farm

decorations 008Homegrown decorations. I love fall on the farm. Cool misty mornings. Pumpkins. Combines driving by. Sweet potato harvesting. Long, dark evenings. Cuddly kids in blankets. Knitting. Sweaters. Corn stalks. Hay rides. Bonfires. Garlic Planting. I’m falling in love… :D decorations 006

First day

Today marked the first day of school. I am passionate about learning taking place all day long, every day of the year. But it is nice to mark the seasons and get a fresh start on everything with this celebration. And who doesn’t love the back to school sales at the stores? Scissors, rulers and notebooks, oh my! The kids always start their studies with renewed energy and vigor after a breakfast of oatmeal, peaches and ice cream! first day 010This is a special long standing tradition dating back to my own school days. Most everyone “passed” their grade level last year, hurray! I’m kidding because we definitely do not do “grade levels”. But I also don’t like to the kids to give inquiring strangers a blank stare when they are asked about what grade they are in… so, for the comfort of any who may be interested…first day 002 first day 004 first day 003 first day 009 first day 007 first day 001 first day 011This year welcomes a new tradition in our family… Jeremie has volunteered to cook breakfast every morning!!! For those of you who know Jeremie, you are either speechless or chuckling nervously wondering what in the world we will be eating. But, every morning for the past week breakfast has been on the table at 7:30. For us, that is like at the crack of dawn, but hey, as long as he’s making it, no complaints here! Most of the time he fries up some fresh pastured eggs from our hens. I hope this tradition sticks around. I think I may have worked the older girls too hard in their studies. They will kill me for posting this picture, but this is what they were doing after their morning studies. tired out 002 tired out 001Eta: our first day was Sept 15, 2014


timberlee 030The reason we make the effort to come together with our friends every year at Family Camp is simply this: We are not trying to raise Godly children. We are trying to raise Godly parents. Get the difference? Our vision cannot be merely one generational. It must be broadened to include and affect so many more. The choices we are making today and tomorrow are going to impact our family and society far into the future for better or for worse. timberlee 028A key phrase that was tossed around quite a bit this last weekend around campfires, across picnic tables, on hayrides, in prayer, through embraces… Building intentional community. Something purposeful. Surrounding our children with friends who share the same vision for the future. Friends who value the same commitment to honoring God. Friends who recognize the importance of family. Friends who are willing to come alongside with encouragement, and yes, sometime admonishment and stick with you for the long haul. Stick with you down in the trenches when it gets a little muddy, a little bloody and a little stinky. Because they know and you know that what you are doing matters. A lot. Our decisions to homeschool, to embrace the blessing of children, to strive to maintain purity in the “dating” culture, to raise young people not in the world, but not afraid to change it either. These are not easy choices. These things make you “weird”. Even in a “church-y” environment. So when 60 something like-minded families come together for the weekend for a time of fellowship, something special happens. Something more special than a game of wolf pack, or jailbreak. Something even more special than smores or tye-dye. The Spirit of God moves. And He fills His people with Power. timberlee 015So when we pack up the car every year, strap on the bikes, and make arrangements for an animal babysitter, and remind ourselves that every trek North has cost us extra money in terms of broken down cars, campers or trailers, we also remember that those who “hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled”. And we need to be filled and renewed with His Spirit at Family Camp. timberlee 139

“Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.”

Philippians 2:1-2


For the Record….

This trip up north was not without it’s mishaps. While driving down the highway on the way to camp, Jeremie noticed bright orange sparks coming from where our tire ought to have been. Yikes. Our tire had fallen off because the lug nuts had not been tightened enough when the wheel was taken off to replace the brake drums. So we had to search along the side of the road for the tires (found after 1/2 hour) and the bolts (found 1, but no others) in the dark with flashlights.

Then while we were at camp, Jack fell off his bike and said he couldn’t walk. After a few hours of watching him shake and cry and be miserable, the camp doctor advised us to take him to the ER. No problem. I’ve been to that ER before when Charlotte split her chin and got stitches a few years ago, while we were at the same campground. The leg turned out not to be broken, but Jack couldn’t walk until almost a week later.

So, yes, in keeping with tradition, we had a few unexpected expenses on the trip. Always an adventure.

Who, what, when, where

Who we saw… Cousins!!timberlee 057 timberlee 148Friends!!

Our buddy S.P.

Our buddy S.P.

DEAR friends

DEAR friends

Tommy's best bud, Joe.

Tommy’s best bud, Joe.

Jimmy and Benja's dear friend, Judah

Jimmy and Benja’s dear friend, Judah

What we did…GaGa Ball!!timberlee 136 timberlee 065Zip Line!!

Good lookin' bunch, doncha' think?

Good lookin’ bunch, doncha’ think?

My four oldest.. all zipping at once!

My four oldest.. all zipping at once!

High Ropes!! .timberlee 083

Our own American Ninja Warriors!

Our own American Ninja Warriors!


Pocahontas and Sacajawea

Pocahontas and Sacajawea

Kissed babies!!timberlee 061Wrestled!!timberlee 118

Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan

Stamped Leather

We all LOVE the leather shop.

We all LOVE the leather shop.

Carpet ball!!

It was so fun watching the kids watching...heads swinging back and forth following the ball.

It was so fun watching the kids watching…heads swinging back and forth following the ball.

When… Only Friday -Sunday. We meant to be there Thursday as well, but our tire came off the trailer (SPARKS!!) and we didn’t make it to camp til 11:30pm. Friends had our site ready and were waiting with flashlights to help us set up. Priceless.

Where… ICHE family camp!! See you there 2015!!


Hog Heaven

motorcycles 008We love motorcycles! Surprised?? My dad has a vintage BMW that he has taken all over the country. My mom used to have one as well. Jeremie used to have a bike to get to college. I just think it’s so fun to ride them.

Benja doesn't look like it, but I was surprised that he was a little scared.

Benja doesn’t look like it, but I was surprised that he was a little scared.

I still have my little leather motorcycle mama jacket in a rubbermaid somewhere, hoping to get pulled out if Jeremie ever gets another bike ;) While we were back home, my dad took all the kids for a ride. motorcycles 013There are so many of them, it was getting dark by the time the last ones got a turn. motorcycles 020Then Mitna and Bompa took all the babes inside for ice cream while Jeremie and I went for a ride. Fun!

Off into the sunset, or I mean, moonlight!

Off into the sunset, or I mean, moonlight!

Of course we also did more tame things while we were there, like reading books :) grands 003

What we’ve been up to…

timberlee 155

It’s quite the mess in there.

Working on the greenhouse. I feel like winter is just around the corner and I know I’ll be wanting to start some seeds in here soon. The animals have wreaked havoc on the siding so Jeremie has a lot of mending to do. And he is adding glass to the east side which should let it a lot more light. I have set a deadline for November 1 for it to be arranged such as that I can at least walk in there. Now that I’ve made that deadline public, perhaps there will be more pressure to complete the project? No nagging allowed.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Knitting again… I feel the nibbles of a knitting bug. Perhaps he only comes out in cooler weather? I love this little Milo sweater. This cute grey number is for a friend’s baby, hopefully arriving soon!


Helping out friends, selling soap at the farmer’s market. Girls manning the booth, so the mama’s could go to a “coffee meeting”.index

Maude, being a lazy bum! But we love her..timberlee 169Life has been a whirlwind of activity since we came home from camping. Friends, meeting, trips to Jackson, work, butchering, gardening. I feel like we jumped back into real life with 2 feet and a major splash!