Riddle Results

So, y’all… Jimmy was so sad that no one guessed his riddle!!

Why did the chicken cross the park? To get to the other SLIDE!!

We put all the entries in a container and picked a winner… Joe! So watch for your prize in the mail! Thanks for all your participation.


An unforgettable experience

I have never seen a baby being born. Before today. It was such a privilege to help my friend welcome her 8th baby, but first born at home, into the world. Something I will never forget. As many times as I’ve been through it myself, I thought I wouldn’t really like seeing a baby be born. Kinda yucky. Kinda messy. Kinda gross. Not. At. All. Totally wonderful. Totally amazing. Such a miracle. This mama, what an amazing woman. She made the birth look easy. Which I know it was not. And this little guy, absolutely adorable. Healthy and rosy. He was so peaceful and calm. May the Lord bless you and keep you, little one.solomon 018

Long, thin, slimy ones

Why do I torment myself? Why do I give the kids opportunity to torment me? It’s all in the name of “school”. They must learn about vermicomposting and to do that we must visit a worm farm. A farm that raises my most feared animal, insect, thing in the world. An irrational fear, but nonetheless… worm farm 030Seriously, it was very cool. Red wrigglers. African night crawlers. We got to watch Mr.C sift the compost in a huge tumbler.  The kids were able to find little worm cocoons in the peat moss. worm farm 031Vermicompost is so valuable for growing healthy veggies. I consider it such a blessing to have such a neat farm nearby. Mr. and Mrs. C were so kind to show us all around their place.worm farm 008 Their ducks, garden area, bees and more. The worms are raised in rubbermaid containers and fed everyday, just like a larger livestock animal. Lights are kept on at all times to encourage the little wrigglers to stay nestled down in their bedding. worm farm 001Their waste, the vermicompost, can be used to amend garden soil, or to make compost tea by brewing it in aerated water. So, I guess God created these little, wriggly things with a big purpose in mind. worm farm 035


She is so much more pale than me, you can tell she's not a farm girl.

She is so much more pale than me, you can tell she’s not a farm girl.

So the other day, in walks my friend, Ji Yeon and, be still my heart, she is carrying a container of bulgogi!! She is my new best friend. Seriously.bul-go-gee 008 And my kimchee from a year ago was still crunchy. Ahh, heaven. It’s a good thing you can’t smell this stuff. Your mouth would be watering. Totally.bul-go-gee 012

Garden update..long overdue

luffa 004This isn’t really a whole garden update but…. look what I have been harvesting! Luffa!!! I was so excited to have so many luffa gourds on my one vine. Now they are starting to turn brown and dry out, so we peeled a few and look at these gorgeous natural sponges!luffa 008 And we got a ton of seeds for next year as well. Which is a good thing, because luffa seeds are expensive. Something like $7 for about 7 seeds. Beautiful, aren’t they?IMG_20140923_142749441

Room for improvement

cabinet 004In the corner of my kitchen I have boxes and boxes stacked full of jars. Full jars and empty jars. And buckets and egg cartons and more jars. It was time for them to find a home, but an empty space in my house is not to be found for love or money. So we decided to purchase the first, of what will be many more, cabinet for the eating side of the kitchen. Our other cabinets are ugly, so why recreate ugly? We decided to stain them black. cabinet 003And look! The tall vita-mix fits under the counter.cabinet 006 Bonus! I can fit 54 + jars in the top cabinet and I don’t know how many in the bottom. What an improvement.cabinet 007 While we were at the store I also decided to paint the bathrooms. painting 001After I trimmed, the girls pretty much did the rest. The new grey is calm and cool and will make me love to clean the bathrooms. Right. painting 003

Farm Fun!!

fall on the farm 019Not on our farm, but on the Pullen Farm at Murray State University. What a beautiful day it was to enjoy time with friends and learning about farming. There was a fantastic workshop about antique farm tools, inflatable horse races, a corn maze, beekeeping station, cow milking, an animal encounter.fall on the farm 004 It was geared mostly for younger kids, but all my kids had fun! Even doing things that are considered “chores” around here, like milking the cow! The corn pit was a big hit. All that gmo goodness to swim around in! Even though we live on a farm of sorts, this was a fun day with friends. fall on the farm 007

Fall on the Farm

decorations 008Homegrown decorations. I love fall on the farm. Cool misty mornings. Pumpkins. Combines driving by. Sweet potato harvesting. Long, dark evenings. Cuddly kids in blankets. Knitting. Sweaters. Corn stalks. Hay rides. Bonfires. Garlic Planting. I’m falling in love… :D decorations 006