IMG_20160612_225519827_HDROur second born daughter has been bringing us joy and laughter since the day she was born! Such a sweet baby, hardly fussed.IMG_20160612_225955621 Slept through the night at an alarmingly young age. Sucked her thumb like a champ.

Mama did that 'do!

Mama did that ‘do!

She and her big sister could most always be found playing together while holding hands.They would hold hands in the car. They would hold hands while they slept. IMG_20160612_231617526They would hold hands sometimes while they ate. Katie has many special people in her life who adore her, Aunt Meg, Mitna, Bompa, Grandma and Grandpa, sisters and brothers. IMG_20160612_231702544_HDRBut none so much as her mom and dad who think she is just the cat’s pajamas! God has gifted Katie with an amazing ability to succeed at almost everything that catches her fancy.My favorite picture EVER of Katie

My favorite picture EVER of Katie

Her younger siblings have enjoyed being the object of her crazy antics!We were just a little family back then :)

We were just a little family back then :)

We pray that the Lord would draw this beautiful young lady to His heart and teach her to follow His ways!IMG_5567

Cuter than Bo-Peep

IMG_20160524_193158952Our kids have started their annual livestock project of raising a show animal for the summer. Katie and Charlotte raise lambs. Ruthie does too, if you ask her. Lambs require a bit more work than the swine that their siblings have chosen to raise. Daily exercise. Muscle training. Attention to diet, parasites and health. Grooming. But is is so fun for them! It’s quickly turning into their favorite thing to do. It’s just about all they talk about. Katie has really taken her big sister roll seriously and is teaching Charlotte all she knows about raising sheep. It’s quite a complicated business. And both of the girls have another apprentice in the form of Ruthie. Roo loves to go out every day and help “work” the lambs. “Come on, lamby”  I can hear her say as she leads this animal that weighs 3 times as much as she does around the yard. IMG_20160524_104435747Charlotte and Katie have participated in a couple showmanship classes, learning about what it takes to be a winner when showcasing your specific animal. Ruthie has been practicing in the show ring as well. We are counting down the days until the events begin. They will be showing these lambs in three different contests before finally selling them to the highest bidder at our local county fair. IMG_20160524_193211959

Youth Hunt 2015

IMG_0495Every hunting season here in Tn, there is a youth hunt weekend before the regular season opens and after it ends. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to get out there while there are still deer in abundance. We have a couple blinds set up both on our property and our neighbors. Charlotte had to stay on our land because she didn’t take hunter’s ed yet, but Katie and Tommy both spent time on our neighbor’s property where there seem to be a few more deer. IMG_0498Grandma Schultz had to come sit with them because an adult must be present during youth hunt and this mama runs to the bathroom too often during this 35th week of pregnancy. And also because I don’t relish the thought of getting up at 4:30 in the morning, sitting in a blind for hours and coming home and cooking and caring for 12 people the rest of the day.IMG_0521 So thanks to Grandma S. both Katie and Tommy shot a deer. Tommy got a good size buck, and Katie got a doe. Yes, it looks like she shot the face off. That’s ok, we don’t eat the face anyway. IMG_0527Our butchering crew got busy! The first thing Charlotte said as we were hanging the deer was, “Can I have the eyes? I want to dissect them.”  “Sure, dear, science 101”. They were extremely hard to extract from the socket, so they got a little mangles. Jack was busy cutting off the deer ears that he wanted to keep. IMG_0541Weird kids, I know. At the end of that busy weekend we had 66 beautiful venison steaks in the freezer, 35# of ground venison and 12 quarts of canned venison. IMG_0536Regular season starts in a couple weeks and we are hoping to fill our larder before the new baby makes an arrival!IMG_0547

Photo shoot

For her birthday Mia wanted to go downtown and snap a few shots of her favorite people. She has a special way with a lens and it’s always fun to dress up, so what a fun way to celebrate. Her sister also was snapping shots. Here are just a few (of the many hundreds) they captured.










IMG_8861We participated in a fund raiser to help raise money for Tommy’s robotics team. There are registration fees, kit fees, t-shirts and more to be bought. The kids all pitched in and picked up trash along the road for an hour and a half. Apparently they “made” $8 an hour per person. It was a hot, dirty job.IMG_8841 But afterwards, they were all able to cool off at the local pool. Diving boards, splash park, friends, water slides… makes the hot work of earlier a mere distant memory.IMG_8864

Another blessed year

We are so thankful to the Lord for His good gifts. This week we are especially thankful for Katie. She celebrated 15 years of life this weekend! 15 things we love about Katie:IMG_0549

  • She’s very creative
  • She never acts like she doesn’t have time for you
  • She forgives easily and quickly
  • She’s the life of the party
  • She is not easily offended
  • She will find a way to get it done
  • She likes to sleep in pitch darkness and utter silence
  • She keeps her bedroom in utter chaos
  • She is always willing to include the little ones
  • She is an excellent cook and baker of sweet things
  • She rolls with the punches
  • She likes to sing at the top of her lungs
  • She only asked for ACT prep materials and a cd for her birthday
  • She is a yoga fiend
  • She is a leaderIMG_0649


Some of the children competed in the Calloway County 4H speech and demonstration contest. Mia did a demonstration on how to make your own laundry soap. Charlotte gave a demonstration on how to tack up a horse.  Katie did a demonstration on how to raise a lamb. And she also did a speech entitled, “Are you smarter than a 9th grader?” Watch them! They all did really well, earning first place in each of their division. It takes a lot of nerve to stand up there in front of parents, peers and judges. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. I think public speaking is a valuable tool to have. Even the best ideas are worthless, if you cannot properly communicate them to others.



Katie had a little lamb

IMG_6876And loved him so much, she’s ready for another go round. She decided to buy from the same breeder again this year. She did her research and visited another breeder all the way in Bowling Green. But after looking over his stock, she decided to stay with Crabtree club lambs. The lambs this year were quite a bit smaller than we expected and cost quite a bit more money.IMG_6885 Katie knew right away which lamb she wanted… a wether, still awaiting the perfect name. Leave Katie a comment with your suggestion! We also picked up a small white goat to keep the lamb company. Herd animals are happier and put on more weight when they have a buddy. Now the training, special feeding, grooming and exercising begins! IMG_6888