Oregon PowerNow Chainsaw Handbrake repair

You are probably here because the handbrake on your saw will not stay in the engage position. I figured since I had to rip my whole saw apart to find the solution, I would post it here so that you will only have to remove 8 screws. It is a very easy fix and should be part of the maintenance schedule of this saw and included in the owner’s manual. As always, repair at your own risk or take it to an authorized repair shop.


It is not very safe to try and hold the brake while you saw. So let’s get it fixed.

Hand Brake Cover Removed. Dirt inside.

First remove the side cover that covers the bar, chain, and powersharp feature by loosening the large black hand screw. Take off the bar and chain. It should now look like this.SAM_2106 The powersharp red lever will need to be removed. Take note of how the spring is before removal so that you can reassemble it correctly. There is a bolt and washer that holds the powersharp feature on at the pivot point of it. Remove this screw. There is a screw at the bottom of the powersharp feature to hold the bottom end, remove this screw. Now SAM_2107it will look like this. There are 6 screws that hold the metal plate onto the saw. This plate covers the spring mechanism for the hand brake. 5 of the screws are the same, one is shorter and has different threads. Take note of which hole this odd ball screw goes in. Remove all 6 screws.



Hand Brake Cover Removed. Dirt inside.

Hand Brake Cover Removed. Dirt inside.

Now it should look like this. Clean out the dirt and debris. An air compressor may help remove it. Notice the short screw on the table. It goes in the middle bottom hole.  Now you may notice in the picture that more things are missing from my saw than what I have told you to remove. That is because no one had written these instructions out before so I took my saw apart from the other side to begin with and then found that the metal plate was all I had to remove.

Your welcome 🙂 .

Put it back together in reverse order. Make sure the brake operates correctly. Now you can start having fun with your saw again.

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